The “Magic Key” To Outrageous Success In Life

by Jad on January 3, 2016

Hi it’s Jad T Jones,

Happy New Year.
Today I’m going to give you the “Magic Key” that will transform your life forever.

This one new Key, if done consistently, will literally give you a NEW LIFE.

If you’ve been stuck or struggling for years – and have been met with much failure, then this may be that one single secret that you’ve been looking for your entire life.

Okay, so what is this “Magic Key” of success and how can you apply it in your own life?

The magic key to success is: HABIT.

What is a habit? And why is it the single magic key to completely transforming your life and guaranteeing your success?

A habit is simply an action you take daily on a consistent basis over time – that becomes AUTOMATIC.

Brushing your teeth is a habit.
Checking your email is a habit.

A habit is anything you do automatically without much conscious effort or thought.

Put simply: A habit is something you do AUTOMATICALLY.

Okay, we’ll get back to habits in a second, but first I want to give you a simple analogy I use in my life that allows me to constantly stay motivated and productive.

I would like to introduce: The Thin Cotton Thread

I want you to imagine a very thin thread of cotton – you know, the same tiny threads that hold your T shirts together.

(The thread you put through the tiny hole of a sewing needle)

If you take one single cotton thread in your hands, it’s very thin, insignificant, weak and you can snap it in half very easily using just your fingers.

I want you to imagine your daily actions as one single, thin, insignificant thread.

An action done once, is weak and insignificant – just like a single thread of cotton.

Example: If you do 20 pushups one day a year – your actions are completely insignificant; you will get no results from that one action done a single time.

So moving along…

Here is my Thread analogy…

The common pattern amongst all champions is one thing: Consistent action over a period of YEARS.

In this analogy, one strand of cotton represents one daily action.

What if you took the same small action EVERY SINGLE DAY for 365 days? (Or even better for 3 or more years)

And we’re imagining that every daily action represents one single thread of cotton..

Well then, by the end of 365 days you will have built a THICK ROPE with all those tiny threads of cotton.

With a single thread you could not pull a car – the thread would snap instantly.

BUT, if you take the ROPE you have built out of those 365 threads of cotton, then it may be strong enough to pull a car – and at minimum it will DEFINITELY be too thick for you to ever snap with your hands.

So the analogy is this: The KEY to success in life is to build an “Unbreakable Strong Rope”

In the famous book “Think And Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill he says the following :

“I had the privilege of analyzing both Mr. Edison and Mr. Ford, year by year, over a long period of years, and therefore, the opportunity to study them at close range, so I speak from actual knowledge when I say that I found NO QUALITY SAVE PERSISTENCE, in either of them, that even remotely suggested the major source of their stupendous achievements.”

Put simply: The main factor to their tremendous success was Consistent Effort over time.

The one thing all successful men have in common is simply that they worked hard at something CONSISTENTLY over time – that’s it.

It’s that simple.

Success isn’t about talent or lucky breaks or who you know. The underlying secret to all great achievements is simply: Consistent Effort.

Take your daily threads of cotton.
Build Your Rope.

Change What You Value:
From now on I want you to take the focus off your short-term daily actions and instead take a more long term view.

The ASSET isn’t so much the specific work you do today – but rather the HABIT you build for tomorrow.

What does this mean?
What this means is: It’s not the sporadic efforts you put forth in the short term that are going to get you where you want to go in life – but rather the AUTOMATIC HABITS you INSTALL into yourself.

Greatness and RESULTS come from consistent actions done over a period of time.

We greatly over-estimate what we can achieve in one to 3 years – however we greatly UNDERESTIMATE the amazing things we can achieve in 5-10 years.

So it’s time for you to take a more long term view and approach, when it comes to your dreams and goals.

It’s all about building your rope. Taking one thread at a time, daily, and adding it – to build and strengthen your rope.

Michael Jordan’s father “While you’re sitting here relaxing, someone else is out there working hard, practicing… and once you meet that man, he’s going to beat you.”

I have spent the last 15 years studying successful people and the one thing they all have in common is: They never stopped working.

For YEARS they CONSISTENTLY did something every single day to get better. For years they practiced their craft.

Ray Lewis
Kobe Bryant
Steve Jobs
Dr Dre

These men never stopped working.

Dr. Dre is one of the top music producers in the world. In an interview he said something very profound that I always remember:

“I’ve been producing music since I was a teenager. I spend time producing EVERY SINGLE DAY, there’s only one time I stopped for 2 weeks – but other than that, I’ve done it literally EVERY SINGLE DAY, including earlier this morning.”

So with that example, it’s easy to see why Dr. Dre is one of the top in the world – it’s no accident. It simply comes down to DAILY HABIT – daily simple effort. Nothing fancy or magical here.

Ray Lewis quote – “Greatness is doing small things every day – stacked one on top of the other.”

That’s all you need to do. Be CONSISTENT day after day for a matter of a year or 3 or 5 or 10 years.
This is the formula.

Greatness never comes from a single heroic effort – it’s the labour of many seemingly insignificant, inglorious acts.

Most “overnight successes” are men and women who spent YEARS in obscurity and isolation, perfecting their craft… and one day finally one day broke through to greatness.

Their ONE day of glory was actually the birth-child of hundreds (or thousands) of days of consistent habitual effort.

Quote from William Blake – “To create a little flour is the labour of ages.”

Meaning it took millions of years before the first flower bloomed on the planet.

Take your daily thread of cotton and build yourself an indestructible strong rope.

Do you inglorious, seemingly insignificant daily actions, and eventually you will find yourself to be successful.

The path to greatness is lonely and very often a solo journey – there will be very few people who will walk this path with you.

Furthermore, to the average person, it will look like you’re wasting your time working towards something that is impossible – ignore everyone.

SEE and BELIEVE the vision you have set forth before you and proceed boldly.
Ignore the naysayers – they don’t understand that it takes time to achieve greatness.

They don’t understand that the fruit of your efforts may not show themselves until after 2, 3 or 5 years have passed.

If you don’t see immediate progress, don’t stop! Keep the path.
Greatness very often is invisible.
You must stay the course long enough in order for you to BREAK THROUGH.

From The Doors song “Break on through to the other side.”

You have to EARN greatness – it cannot and will not be handed to you.


Coming back to habits.
It’s time to change your value system. Meaning: It’s time to change what you place value on.

Take value away from heroic sporadic bouts of effort and start valuing what actually PAYS you in the end: Simple Consistent Effort over time.

The Power Of Habits:
Procrastination is the killer of dreams.

A habit is what will save you and transform your life.

A habit, once formed, becomes an unstoppable FORCE that propels you forward, through all the barriers, challenges and disappointments – all the way to success.

Why it’s IMPERATIVE to build strong habits:
You are human.
You have thoughts
You have emotions.

We humans are in a constant battle with our thoughts and emotions.

“I don’t feel like it” destroys more dreams than any other factor, in my opinion.

If you are going to leave your fate to the mercy of your daily fluctuating thoughts and feelings, I promise you right now: You will never achieve greatness in ANYTHING.

You must practice your daily habit even when you don’t feel like it

Here’s where HABITS kick in.

A habit is an automatic action.
It OVERRIDES your daily thoughts and emotions.

The reason you need to INSTALL powerful habits (Build your rope out of threads) is so that your WILL becomes UNSTOPPABLE.

You need to act CONSISTENTLY, over a period of years, before you will be met with greatness – this is not optional.

The only difference between you and the person you see who is now the same age as you, but a lot more successful than you is: consistent habits performed over time.

Work long enough at something and you can beat any man – on a long enough timeline, your habitual actions will lead you the highest levels of performance.


The simple lesson for today is as follows:

Value HABITS, not single or sporadic heroic actions


Your most prized “possession” is your set of habits.

Take one man who takes sporadic actions and another who takes consistent actions – the consistent man will win EVERY TIME.

If you look at any great sports documentary about an athlete the story is always the same:

“He was always the first one to arrive at practice and the last one to leave. He arrived at least an hour before the rest of the team and stayed an hour or longer after the rest of the team had gone home.”

The “Secret” is no secret – you just have to WAKE UP and SEE the simple formula.

And the simple formula is:
Give DAILY consistent effort over time and DON’T STOP.

You’re Not Special:
Perhaps one of the greatest causes of failure is thinking you’re special.

Special in the context of: “Maybe others have to put in the extra hours, but I’m going to find the shortcuts and not work as hard – and still get the same success.”

This lie is destroying your life.

Many of us, if we’re honest, have this thought process (either consciously or unconsciously) to some degree – this is why we allow ourselves to be lazy.

Kobe Bryant quote:
“Many people allow themselves to say ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ – I never allow myself to say that. Even if  it’s 3a.m. In the morning – I still make sure I get my daily practice in.”

You are not special.
The rules of success apply to you just the same as they apply to anyone else.

Put in the HONEST work.
The work must be DAILY, not sporadic.

Build The Habit:
Put importance on building the habit, not on seeing the immediate result.

From now on I want you to place all your focus on BUILDING THE HABIT – build your indestructible rope – so that eventually it’s so thick you could pull a cargo ship with it.

Your power is in your HABITS.
The VALUE is in your HABITS.

Not in your hopes, your wishes or your plans.

Simple old fashioned daily hard work

Tremendous Effort To Start:
First you will have to FORCE & WILL your habits into existence.

BUT THEN: Your habits will CARRY you to the promised land.

A habit is like automatic motivation. It’s your ENGINE.

Once you install a habit, it becomes automatic and IT pulls YOU.

So it may take one month, 6 months, perhaps even an entire year to install a powerful habit – but boy I tell you – once that habit is DEEPLY INSTALLED, it will pull you to greatness.

Point being: Don’t be discouraged if at first you have to exert tremendous force to get yourself to do something daily – it’s normal.

There’s a price to pay for everything.

The price you must pay for installing a new habit is that you will have to force and WILL it into existence FIRST. Then after you’ve paid the price in determination, the habit will carry you.

If you’re out of shape.
The first month you will have to practically DRAG yourself into the gym.
But, like many of you have experienced, after you’ve been hitting the gym consistently for about 2-3 months – it becomes something you WANT to do.

You get “Addicted” to the gym and ALWAYS go.

It’s simply the fact that you built a habit.

WARNING: New habits die hard
A new habit is very fragile.
Don’t get cocky and allow yourself to be lazy after you’ve been consistently working at something for 6 months or longer.

If you stop your newly installed habit, IT WILL DIE FAST.

Stay the course. Stay humble.
Like Dr. Dre, never stop producing.

Look at Dre’s success AND STILL he never stops and is producing TODAY as you sit here reading this article.

So in conclusion, to set yourself up for the new year and a completely transformed life…

Look at your actions like a single thread of cotton.
Focus on adding one piece of thread to your rope every single day.

Practice patience and maturity – by allowing your success to EMERGE methodically, honestly.

If you stay the course, all those seemingly insignificant daily tasks, all those seemingly weak pieces of thread – will eventually form into an indestructible “rope” – a force that will all but guarantee you a life of greatness and success.

I wish you a very happy and prosperous new year filled with all the wonderful things your heart desires.

If you found this article useful, the best way you could genuinely thank me, is by sharing it with someone. Sharing helps me more than words of thanks.

So I will close with this:
Integrity is the FOUNDATION of a successful life. Without integrity your life WILL NOT WORK.

Daily consistent EFFORT over time is the true display of a man’s integrity.

If you have the hidden agenda to cut corners and not pay the price in CONSISTENT EFFORT, then you are not working/living with integrity.

And a person who does not LIVE with integrity will not experience positive results in his or her life.

Success is NOT random. Success follows laws.
Earl Nightingale quote – “You may escape the laws of man for a while, but there are greater laws which can’t be avoided.”

If you want the RESULTS, you have to put in the HONEST EFFORT.
You have to pay the PRICE.

“Every journey starts with a single step.”

Start where you stand, forget the past failures.

Hold that one piece of thread in your hand – and promise yourself right here, right now:

“This time next year, I will read this article again while holding a thick rope in my hand.”

Build your dream brick by brick.

Consistent effort is the “shortcut” you’ve been searching for.

Nothing will slow your progress down in life more than cutting corners, thinking your special and being lazy.

Build daily habits and your greatness is all but assured.

I send you many blessings and good wishes this new year.

Write me in one years time and tell me your story of transformation.

Your friend and brother for life,
Jad T Jones

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