Jad’s Story

A Personal Letter From Jad

Dear Reader,

I’m writing you this letter to tell you a bit about myself. I usually don’t talk about myself because that is not what I am interested in, but I think it is important for you to know who you are dealing with and what to expect from me in the future.

First of all it is important to note: I am good with women, NOT because I did everything right, but because I did everything WRONG. I have made many small and major mistakes in my life; I have made the same mistakes over and over until I finally got things right.

One of the most important lessons to learn in life is:
Making mistakes and failing is a CRITICAL part of the journey to mastery with women.

We learn a hundred times more from our mistakes then we do from our successes.

The secret to success in life to fail A LOT!!

You must start to look at failure as a blessing and accept it as a part of the process of learning.

We are all on a journey of self discovery and evolution. I want you to know that failure and making mistakes is a big part of that journey.

There is no such thing as progress without failure. It is important then to ACCEPT and welcome failure as part of your journey; the sooner you can do this, the sooner you will be at peace and able to traverse the rugged and challenging journey that lies ahead.

When we fight with reality we always lose. To wish that you can progress without challenge, without struggle, without failure and making mistakes is to wish reality were something it isn’t.

There were many times in my life when I just wanted to give up. The pain was too much, the struggle seemed insurmountable, the challenges too great. confusion, frustration, fear and worry entered the very depths of my soul and tore me apart from the inside; there was only pain, only darkness…like being trapped inside a deep black hole I sometimes felt there was no way out.

When one is so determined to achieve a goal but at the same time cannot find the answers to his problems, despair sets in; it’s incredibly FRUSTRATING!

In my journey to understand and master the art of courtship, women, dating and seduction I spent most of my time in confusion. Looking high and low I couldn’t find the answers I was looking for; I had all these burning questions, but the answers were nowhere to be found…this caused me great amounts of personal suffering, social hardship and feelings of inadequacy and self hatred.

I went to many “so-called” gurus, threw money at the problem..purchased countless DVDs, audio programs, live seminars and personal coaching but everyone I turned to couldn’t CLEARLY give me the answers I was looking for.

I dedicated over 6 years of my life to going out and hitting on hundreds of women; doing everything I could to figure this whole dating thing out. And finally after hundreds of failures, tens of thousands of dollars wasted on ineffective products and semi-effective personal coaching, I finally arrived at a place of understanding with women.

Now in this place of understanding my heart and mind are finally at peace. There were many times I wanted to quit..there were times where I actually DID quit…but that incessant fire of desire kept burning deep inside my soul…like a thorn in my side..it wouldn’t let me stop..I couldn’t focus on anything else in my life until I got this dating thing handled…So time after time, no matter how great the pain, I’d brush myself off, get back up and keep trying until I succeeded.

It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t always fun, but in the end of the day I can personally tell you: it was worth the struggle.

Your journey of evolution and self discovery doesn’t have to be as painful as mine was. The very reason I created this website and dating advice business is to prevent other men from going through the suffering and despair I went through.

I have travelled the path. I have made all the mistakes. I have done everything the hard way. I did it mostly alone. Although I sought guidance, very often I found none, so I had to depend solely on myself; this is the slowest and most difficult way to learn something. There is a better way, an easier way..and that is what I am providing you with through this website.

I don’t want you to suffer. I don’t want you to become desperate with fear and filled with confusion and helplessness. I don’t want you to ever feel trapped or think there is no way out of your confusion and suffering.

There is a painless, simple and fast way to improve your skills with women. There is an easy way to go through your journey of evolution without fear, without suffering, without despair. I have found that way and this is what I am sharing with you through my videos, emails, products and especially through my one-on-one personal Skype coaching.

I don’t want you to look up to me and think I am where I am because I’m smart, confident, brave or any of that nonsense. I am where I am in life because I did everything wrong. I made many mistakes and made sure I learned the lessons that were gifted to me by those mistakes.

From now on I want you to look at mistakes and failures as precious gifts. Every mistake you make is a gift and a blessing. Within every mistake lies immense wisdom that is passed down to you. I want you to look back into your past where you made a significant mistake or had a significant failure in your life; now notice how many gifts that very “misfortune” brought you.

How much wiser are you now as a result of making that mistake?
How much have you matured, grown, evolved as a direct result of that situation?
How much stronger are you now that you know you have the ability to survive through adversity and keep moving forward?

You see, what separates a boy from a man is the ability to deal with life’s challenges in a positive way and keep moving forward in life.

It’s not how many times you get knocked down that matters; it’s how many times you get back up.

The most successful men in the world are not those who made the fewest mistakes. The successful men in the world are the men who made the MOST mistakes.

What separates successful people from failures is that successful people fail A WHOLE LOT MORE.

So I want you, from this moment forward, to look at failure as THE WAY TO SUCCEED with women. The more mistakes you make, the faster you will improve your skills with women.

There is a quote from Henry C Link:
“While one man hesitates because he feels inferior, the other man is busy making mistakes and becoming superior”

Byron Katie says:
“In life, nothing happens TO you; it happens FOR you.”

When you can look at failure as a positive thing that makes you stronger and that happens FOR you, you can begin to make friends with it.

Failure is your greatest teacher and mentor. It is your best friend in the whole world. It contains within it the greatest and most priceless gifts of the world. If you can see beyond its disguise, you can then make friends with it; and from that point on you will have a revelation:

Failure is the key to your ultimate freedom from fear.
Failure is the key that opens up LIFE to you.

William Blake wrote “If the fool shall persist in his folly he shall become wise”
This means that if a fool keeps on going for a specific goal and never gives up, he will not only become a master at his chosen goal, but he will also surpass those more talented than he.

The very fact that you find yourself challenged in this area with women is why you will focus on it with a lot more persistence and thereby surpass the average men out there.

When you stop fighting failure and instead ACCEPT it, you free yourself. In this freedom you can literally do anything.

Fear is what stops you from being successful with women.
Fear is what stops you from trying.

Fear is the fear of failure.
Without the fear of failure you are free….and from that place, anything is possible.

Learning a new skill is only painful when you fear failure.
But when you welcome failure as a part of the journey, then a large portion of your stress subsides. That left over energy that formerly got used up by worry is now free to be used for joyful action.

Failure is your friend.

And now that you understand this principle it is time for you to be introduced to the next principle:

There is no such thing as failure; only feedback.

Failure is a mental label that has a lot of negativity attached to it; this has been programmed into you by society.

Failure is equated with: BAD, SHAME, PAIN, FEAR, NOT GOOD ENOUGH etc…

I have replaced the world failure in my life and now I use a completely different word; that word is FEEDBACK.

There is no failure, only feedback.

When I attempt something and it doesn’t go my way, I have not failed…I have simply accumulated some feedback.

Feedback is simply information given back to you from the environment.

If I ask 10 girls out and they all say no, I have accumulated a lot of feedback.

I then take that NEUTRAL information back home with me and extract the lessons from it.

Then the next time I go out, I adjust my actions according to the FEEDBACK I received and I generate new feedback.
Perhaps today’s feedback is that I got 3 girl’s phone numbers.

Feedback is always NEUTRAL (Not good or bad)
When you receive constant neutral information then you don’t feel bad; you simply learn.

The secret to getting good with women is to not get too emotionally attached to any outcomes; the way to do this is by seeing EVERYTHING as feedback and NOTHING as failure.

Once you have removed failure from your life, you can try the same thing a hundred times without feeling bad about it or taking it personally to mean something about you.

When I fail: I feel like I’m not good enough
When I receive feedback: I learn a lesson and know I am wiser than I was before I did the action.

Feedback carries you forward and builds your confidence. So the more feedback you can accumulate, REGARDLESS of good or bad outcomes, the wiser and more skilled you will be when dealing with women, dating etc….

So my advice to you is go out there and make as many mistakes as possible!
The more often you can “fail” the quicker you will master this thing called women and dating.

And before I leave you I would like to give you one more teaching:

There are no mistakes: only lessons

We ALWAYS do the best we can and that’s all anyone can ever ask of us. So no matter now much or how little you are trying; I know you are doing the best you can…and this is admirable.

You need to stop beating yourself up and instead become friendly with yourself.
Always remember you are doing the very best you can.

Don’t compare yourself to what others are doing. You have no idea what their natural talents and abilities are. All you need to do is focus on YOU.

Stay in YOUR BUSINESS and stay out of everyone else’s business; all you need to focus on is YOU.

So please please please always respect yourself and give yourself credit that you are doing the best you can.

For some of you it may be harder to step out of your comfort zone than others; THAT’S OKAY!
Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed. Take this journey in bite sized chunks.
Every journey begins with a single step.

Take a little step, then another, then another..and over a period of time you will suddenly find yourself much further along than you ever imagined you were able to go.

So be friendly to yourself, be your greatest cheerleader, encourage yourself instead of constantly beating yourself down and take life in small chunks.

There is NOT ONE advantage of beating yourself down and thinking badly of yourself; so STOP IT!

There are no mistakes; only LESSONS

The more you can encourage, respect and be kind to yourself, the faster you will become masterful with women and dating.

I warmly welcome you on this wonderful journey with me.

Whether we meet over Skype Coaching, YouTube, Facebook, or email…I count that through these pages we have met.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.
The fact you are reading this is no coincidence I believe it’s divine timing.
It’s time for you to finally get this area of women, dating and courtship handled once and for all.

I stand for your progress, freedom and success with women.

My mission is to help you discover your path to the freedom, joy and pleasure with women your heart so deeply desires.

Thanks for reading

Much Love
Jad T Jones

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