How To Be A Powerful Man Cont’ – How To Get A Girlfriend

by Jad on May 3, 2012

In article 10 of this series we concluded that
the ultimate display of confidence and power
is the act of being completely defenseless.

In this article we will explore this at a deeper

Before I begin I would like to point out some
exceptions to the word defenseless.

When we say a powerful man walks through
the world completely open and defenseless it
is not meant to be misunderstood that he will
not protect himself or others if certain
dangerous or unfavorable situations arise.

If someone is disrespecting you, you MUST
put them in their place and demand that they
stop any negative actions towards you.

If someone threatens you are your loved ones
and you have to protect yourself and them;
then you are fully justified to use enough
defensive force to stop that person from
hurting anyone.

But do not misinterpret this to mean that
you are justified in starting fights with people.

If you encounter a situation where you HAVE
to fight, or you HAVE to use physical force to
protect yourself or anyone else; then fine.

But if you are one of those guys who goes
around looking for fights; that is the biggest
sign of weakness and insecurity a man can
ever show.

Those who move through the world looking
for fights are those who have the greatest
amounts of fear in themselves.

In a nutshell:
If you are backed in a corner, then fight for yourself;
don’t be a doormat for anyone.

If someone treats you disrespectfully; demand more

So enough about that.

No coming back to being defenseless around

Women want to see that you’re not TRYING to
be confident.

They want to see your confidence come through

Confident powerful men are men who genuinely
like themselves and like other people.

Genuinely powerful men are men who have
a pure heart and who’s minds are filled with
loving thoughts.

Loving thoughts simply means: They see
the world as good. They see people as good.
They feel one with people and the world.
They don’t invest in fear (which is separation)
They invest in love (Which is oneness)

In order to get what you want in life you
need to be aligned with it.

If you want loving relationships with women
then you have to become aligned with women.

He who is always operating out of force and fear
is completely out of alignment with women.

This is huge.

This is the key piece most men are missing.

Most men live through BY DEFINITION
they are not aligned energetically with what they
want; which is hot women.

So those guys who are living in fear can learn
every trick in the book and learn all about
women, seduction and attraction….

But as long as they’re missing this piece,
they will never find true success with women
and dating.

In nature like attracts like.

To get a girlfriend who will love you and connect
with you, you have to first BE a person who is
loving and who connects easily and GENUINELY
with others.

Being genuine is a demonstration of defenselessness.

Because when you’re being genuine with someone
you are not actively putting on any kind of act in
order to protect your ego or in an attempt to impress

When you are trying to impress a woman, you are
being fake; it’s a form of self defense.

But we now know that the ultimate display of confidence
and power is complete defenselessness.

So the real way to impress a woman is by
showing up there as your authentic self.

When you show her that you’re not afraid to be
yourself in front of her; she will know you are
a powerful man.

The less you try to impress a woman, the more
impressed she’ll be.

So always remember that the true display of
power simply comes to being completely
defenseless and transparent in the presence of women.

It’s that simple.

Stay tuned for the next article where I show you
how using vulnerability can cause women to feel
a lot of attraction for you.

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